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Have air fresheners made, a fragrant step towards customer loyalty and brand strengthening

In the 2024 business world, it is crucial for car repair shops, car care companies and online retailers to stand out from the competition and create strong customer loyalty. A creative and effective way to achieve this is to have custom air fresheners made. At Sniffcar, we offer this service to help you present your brand in a unique way and delight your customers. In this chapter, you will learn everything you need to know about making air fresheners and how you can use them in your business.

Why scented trees?

Air fresheners are more than just an accessory for the car – they are a versatile and effective advertising tool.

Hangs on the mirror Stays in your head :)

A car air freshener not only provides a pleasant smell, but is also constantly in the driver's and passengers' field of vision. This makes it an ideal vehicle for your brand message. Here are some reasons why air fresheners are an excellent choice:

  1. Daily visibility : Air fresheners are placed in cars that are used every day, so your brand is continually seen.
  2. Feel-good factor : A pleasant scent creates a positive atmosphere and is associated with your company.
  3. Cost-benefit ratio : Compared to other advertising media, air fresheners are cost-effective and yet offer a high recognition value.

The process of making scented trees

Creating a custom scented tree at Sniffcar is a creative and bespoke process that ensures your product is perfectly aligned with your brand. Here are the steps we go through to create your unique scented tree:

  1. Concept development :

    • Needs analysis : We analyze your requirements and goals together with you. Do you want to promote a specific product, strengthen your brand or simply create an attractive giveaway for your customers?
    • Design concept : Based on your needs, we develop a design concept. You can choose from different shapes and designs or have a completely customized design created.
  2. Design and layout :

    • Graphic design : Our experienced graphic designers will work with you to develop an attractive and branded design. This includes choosing the colors, inserting your logo and, if necessary, additional information such as web addresses or slogans, printable on the front and back.
    • Proofreading phase : Before the scented tree goes into production, you have the opportunity to check the design.
  3. Fragrance selection :

    • Variety of scents : At Sniffcar we offer a wide range of scents ranging from classic flavors like vanilla and pine to exotic scents like coconut and tropical fruits.
    • Fragrance Samples : You can request fragrance samples to choose the perfect fragrance for your target audience.
  4. Production :

    • Choice of materials : We use high-quality materials that are durable and environmentally friendly. The air freshener itself is made of special absorbent paper that absorbs the scents optimally and releases them evenly over a longer period of time.
    • Printing process : Using modern printing techniques, we ensure that your design is presented clearly and vividly. Our printing process guarantees high color fidelity and detail accuracy.
  5. Packaging and shipping :

    • Individual packaging : On request, we also offer tailor-made packaging solutions to present the scented tree even more attractively.
    • Logistics : We take care of the safe shipping of your scented trees so that they arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Applications and advantages

The production of individual scented trees opens up a variety of possible uses that can enrich your marketing:

  1. Customer gifts : After a workshop visit or a car purchase, leave a lasting impression with a personalized air freshener. This small gesture can significantly increase customer satisfaction and ensure that customers are happy to come back.

  2. Promotional gifts at trade fairs and events : Air fresheners are ideal promotional gifts for trade fairs and events. They are easy to transport and attract attention with their individual design. Every air freshener you hand out is a small business card that will be remembered for a long time.

  3. Loyalty programs : Integrate air fresheners into your loyalty programs. Customers who buy from you regularly will be happy to receive small rewards and remain loyal to your brand.

  4. Collaborations and partnerships : Use air fresheners in collaborations with other companies. A shared air freshener can highlight the partnership and strengthen both brands at the same time.

  5. In-Shop Advertising : Hang air fresheners in your store. Not only do they spread a pleasant scent, they also serve as decoration and advertising for your brand.

  6. More reviews: Give your customers a scented tree with every visit and ask for a review - that gives them a kick and you get one more review.

Success stories and creative ideas

Many of our customers have successfully used personalized scented trees to strengthen their brand and increase customer loyalty. Here are some inspiring examples:

  • Car Care Company : A car care product provider incorporated air fresheners into its product packages. Each customer who purchased a care package received an air freshener with the company logo and a pleasant scent. This strengthened brand presence and increased repeat purchase rates.


Creating custom scented trees is a unique and effective way to showcase your brand and build customer loyalty. At Sniffcar, we offer a full service from conception and design to production and delivery. Take the opportunity to promote your brand in a creative way and delight your customers.

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